Hello! My name is Timur. Who am I?
Find it below!

All about me. All about creating. All about YOU.

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Hello! My name is Timur.

I love creating. Anything! Any idea is a good goal to reach!

I got millions of ideas. Sometimes I’m just trying to sleep, but I can’t. My brain is working a lot. I can imagine how hard is it for my brain to remember ALL of my ideas! Creativity is what I want to develop. It would be cool, if everybodyy would have many of awesome ideas, could share it with others and help people bringing projects to live. How wonderful is that?

“I bet my life on creating, on helping others with creating. But first I need your help.”

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Nobody said it

But maybe once...

I love creating. Anything!

I got too much ideas to remember each of them. But nobody said, i can’t share it with you!

A millions of ideas. Just imagine it! Books, cars, films, games, songs, websites, illusions, food, chanels, companies and many many more. How much is that? Some of them not that important or cool, but some of them are alredy «half-done». And some of them I want to share with you. Where are they? Right below!

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I’ve got a lot of books. And I've got a lot of ideas. If we cross it we will get books, that are my own ideas! Want to see them?

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I like programming. Why? Because programming is very close to mathematics. Programing IS mathematics. I love numbers!

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A bunch of ideas. Books, games and WHAT? Well you can see it abowe. If you like films, cars, stories, illusions and tricks, click here!


Hey there! Thank you for visiting the website!

I’m realy happy if you liked it. This site is for fun and enjoying creativity, but maybe once...